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Haunted by his traumatic past and determined to track down his estranged father for revenge, legendary assassin Bic Green has no easy task killing the infamous drug kingpin Clarence Green. Traveling deep into the heart of the New Orleans bayou, he knows that one of them isn’t walking away alive.

But after a vicious prison fight leaves Bic with no memory of his past life, he’s forced to place his trust in complete strangers – and when his father makes a surprise appearance, seemingly on a mission to protect what’s left of his family at all cost, a vulnerable Bic is exposed to Clarence’s cunning manipulation.

Tricked into becoming a tool for his twisted father’s goals, Bic struggles to recover his lost memories and make sense of the people he’s sent to kill, oblivious to the fact that he’s destroying everything he’s ever cared about... 
Will Bic recover his memory and avenge his Mother’s murder before his world comes crashing down? Or will he be manipulated into ruining his life by the man he hates the most?


Find out in the next thrilling adventure in the Black Ghost Thriller series that’s chockful of death-defying action, hair-raising suspense,  and high-octane danger that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


One legendary assassin. One ruthless drug lord. One lifelong vendetta…

Final Reunion
Book 3 In The Black Ghost Thriller Series

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© 2023 Freddie Villacci, Jr.

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