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When fifteen-year-old Nathaniel Braddick discovers a cold storage wallet with over two billion dollars of Bitcoin, he embarks on a path of revenge against the Black Ghost, who killed his parents when he was a child. His deadly plot sets off a turbulent spiral of mayhem, threatening to destroy all caught in its path.

Bic Green, a man with a dark past that he is trying to walk away from, finds himself at the center of this intricate Revenge Spiral between the young boy and the bloodlust of his lifelong friend, Anthony Parelli, after his wife is killed.

As the body count rapidly rises and points of no return are crossed, Bic fights for resolution both physically and morally. But it may be too late as the circles of death set in motion all around him must be closed.

Experience thrilling action, high-stakes suspense, and a cast of unforgettable characters in “Revenge Spiral,” a must read for fans of the Black Ghost Thriller series and anyone who craves a gripping tale of retribution and redemption.

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Step into the gritty and heart-pumping world of Revenge Spiral...

© 2023 Freddie Villacci, Jr.

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