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The Cure: A Black Ghost Thriller - Signed Hardcover

The Cure: A Black Ghost Thriller - Signed Hardcover


American Big Pharma wants her gone. China wants her as a bargaining chip to rule the world. She could save millions of lives. But now she's fighting for her own.


On the brink of curing cancer, Gracie Green is eager to advance to human trials and share her findings with the world. But the FDA, and special interests in Big Pharma and a host of other people who stand to lose billions if cancer is cured, have other ideas. They hire expert assassin and Ex-CIA operative Jaco Ivanov; with one mission—wipe Greentech from the face of the earth!


Hunted by an expert killer and framed for a terrible crime, Gracie finds herself on the run, struggling to stay one step ahead of Jaco and his vast assets. Caught between a murky world of shadow governments, assassins, and even China's quietly deadly intelligence network, her future hangs in the balance. There's only one thing none of them accounted for—the Black Ghost.


Gracie will need more than luck to find the truth and bring her cure to the world. Can she hope to survive against such powerful enemies, even with the help of the legendary assassin who tops the FBI's most-wanted list…or will the Black Ghost finally have met his match?

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